Becoming a Board Member

ECMCS Governing Board

Here is some information to give you an overview of the Governing Board, its responsibilities, and requirements:

What are some of the Governing Board responsibilities?
•    Uphold the mission and purpose of East Cooper Montessori Charter School through the Charter Contract renewed in 2015
•    Develop and approve contracts
•    Ensure compliance with federal, state and local law requirements
•    Support the Head of School and review his or her performance
•    Ensure effective organizational planning
•    Develop and evaluate strategic plans for the school
•    Ensure adequate resources and manage them effectively
•    Ensure financial stability and monitor and approve annual budgets
•    Determine and monitor the school’s policies, programs, and services
•    Serve as an emissary of the school to the broader community
It is not the role of the Board to run the day-to-day operations of the school for which the Head of School is responsible. Additional specifics of board service are explained in formal board training.

Who is on the Governing Board?

•    The Board is comprised of (4) parents of currently enrolled students and (3) community members who are not parents or guardians or relatives of currently enrolled students or staff.

What is the term of a Governing Board member?
The term is for two years.

What is the time commitment involved in being a Board member?
•    General meetings are typically held every third Wednesday of each month, including summer months.
•    Meetings usually last 2-3 hours.
•    You must attend a board training seminar conducted by the South Carolina Association of Public Charter Schools. This seminar is one day, usually on a Saturday, prior to the new board term.
•    Several hours are spent between meetings to conduct research, review literature, budget reports, policies, and procedures as needed.
•    There may be additional meetings, such as emergency meetings, special meetings, etc. as deemed necessary by the Board.
•    Members must attend an annual Board retreat in the Spring, which can be 1-2 days of focused meeting time. This retreat is held locally.

What are the benefits of being on the Governing Board?
•    Being involved! Instead of wondering why things are done the way they are-get involved and have a say!
•    It is a chance to be part of the decision-making process at ECMCS and see firsthand how the school operates.
•    A behind-the-scenes look at the immense effort, thought, and dedication put forth by ECMCS faculty, staff, and volunteers past and present—which makes you proud and happy to be part of the team.
•    The satisfaction of taking an active role in your child’s education; in promoting accountability and choice in public education; and in making public Montessori education an option in our community.

Who elects the Board?
The Board is elected by a plurality of votes. Each parent or guardian receives one vote per student currently enrolled in the school at the time of the election. Each Staff member receives one vote. A staff member that is also a parent gets a combined number of votes.

While serving on the ECMCS Governing Board is a considerable commitment and responsibility, it is also extremely rewarding to play a role in our children’s education and in planning the future of our school.  We hope you will consider running for the Governing Board.

ECMCS Governing Board