North Charleston HS Health Science Students Empowered by Clinical Research Expert from MUSC

NCHS CTE On Friday, Sept. 13th, Mr. Francis Marion Beylotte III, MS from the Medical University of South Carolina visited Dr. Tawnya Cox’s Health Science classroom at North Charleston High School.

Mr. Beylotte discussed his career in biotechnology research and clinical trials with the students.

He has worked extensively in Maryland with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and John Hopkins as well. Currently, his research team is with MUSC placing cardiac stents and working on trials to develop a dissolvable stent.

He also works with pediatric cases of hydrocephalus. The students were very fascinated by the terrific real world examples he shared. Mr. Beylotte even brought expired medical devices along with him for the kids to have a hands-on experience.

The students truly enjoyed his visit, and he enjoyed the students questions as well.

Dr. Cox said, “My students asked questions for over 30 minutes – they were extremely engaged!”