My school has a SIC, but what should we be doing?

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New this year is a SIC Activities Resource Library with six volumes highlighting the best of SIC projects and work from around the state. 

Additionally, to help ensure that your time and effort are directed toward activities that are appropriate for your school, consider the following questions before selecting, planning and implementing specific activities:

  1. Are we addressing a need that was identified in our school’s Five-Year School Improvement (Renewal) Plan?
  2. If not, have we looked at other existing data or collected data ourselves in order to verify that the need actually exists? Have we confirmed that this need impacts student achievement either directly or indirectly? Do we have enough information to know what factors contribute to this need at our school?
  3. Have we defined the goal that we hope this activity will help us achieve? Is our goal aligned with one or more goals in the School Improvement (Renewal) Plan?
  4. Will this activity help us meet our goal by addressing one or more of the factors that contribute to the need we are working on?
  5. Will this activity duplicate activities that are already being implemented by others? Is it a good fit for our school community?
  6. What resources do we need in order to implement this activity with quality? Do we have these resources? If not, can we get the resources we lack through partnerships with other individuals or organizations in the school or community?