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Yearbook Reveal and Digital Signing Info

Yearbook Update!

Yearbooks will be passed out starting next week when students come to school to pick up their things (by grade level and last name-more info to follow next week). However, all students will be able to participate in digital yearbook signing...

  • FREE for ALL students, whether yearbook buyers or not! 
  • Students register on the website and customize the look and timeline for their virtual yearbook signing pages (details to come next week).
  • Each student receives a unique URL he or she can text, email, or share via social media with his or her family, friends, and teachers.
  • Students can even set up an end date by which all signatures need to be made.
  • Students will receive a notification on their end date that they can go in and make any final edits to their signed pages. They can delete any messages they wish, for example. 
  • The final step is to download the PDF of signed pages and print out as a permanent keepsake to put in the yearbook.
  • The signing website requires that users are 13 years of age or older. This requirement is included in the terms and conditions when a new user registers. Parents/Guardians will need to create accounts for their students 12 and younger, should they wish.