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Reminder from our School Counselors for parents *Easy IGP link here*

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IGps made easy! 8th grade students, Please use this form to complete your IGP. 

As parents you are an important part of your child’s education.  This is true whether they are in classes in a building or on line at home.  Even though you are not required to teach them it does mean that some of your actions can have a big impact on their success. Here are a few helpful tidbits for parents:

  1. Be Involved.  Encourage your child to complete their school work and ask the teacher questions if they do not understand something.  Staying involved shows your child that you have an interest in their education which can directly impact their success which can boost their self-esteem.
  2. Motivate them towards success.  This can be anything from establishing a goal like studying for 1 hour every night to praising them for their accomplishments.  You can offer incentives and show your child you are proud of the work they are doing. Make sure you remind your child of the benefits of an education.  Explain how it can impact their future which can help motivate them to succeed.
  3. Create a comfortable learning environment.  Since they are not in their typical school setting, they will need an area where they can focus on their course work and study without distractions.  Try to assure a comfortable surroundings. A regular work space that your child can count on will instill structure and consistency in study habits. The support you give to your child during this time can be crucial to your child having a successful school year despite what is happening around them.

Please   contact the School Counseling Department if you have any questions or comments.