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Raptors Wow and Win at Distinguished Young Women Local Competition

Congratulations to our junior Raptors, Grace Griffin, Kimberly Do, and Elaine Chen for their remarkable showing and victories at the Distinguished Young Women (DYW) Competition this past weekend!

Grace Griffin won the overall DYW title at the local level and will be proceeding as one of nine semifinalists at the state level this summer. Kimberly Do won awards in scholastics, fitness, and the interview portions of the contest, and Elaine Chen wowed the judges, too.

The Distinguished Young Women's program seeks to "empower young women to reach their full potential by providing scholarship opportunities for college as well as personal development to become confident leaders."

We have no doubt that these young women from Academic Magnet will continue to excel in all their endeavors and we wish Grace Griffin the best of luck at the State level!

Grace Griffin

Grace Griffin ('25)

Distinguished Young Women

L to R: Elaine Chen (in beige), Grace Griffin (in black), and Kimberly Do (in red).