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AMHS boys' soccer recognized for academic success

Academic Magnet High School is proud to announce the 2021 boys’ varsity soccer team, led by head coach Dr. Jason Hamil, had the highest team grade point average (GPA) out of all the boys’ soccer teams affiliated with United Soccer Coaches. The Raptors’ collective GPA was 4.74.

“This is a great reminder that our minds and our bodies aren’t somehow isolated from each other and we shouldn’t develop one at the exclusion of the other,” said Principal Jacob Perlmutter.

“Coach Hamil has high expectations for these young men and this is a recognition of a team stepping up to meet those expectations. This coach and this team demand greatness from themselves on the field and in the classroom.”

This is the fifth time in 10 years the Academic Magnet boys’ soccer team has the highest GPA in the nation, including four of their five state championship seasons (2012, 2015, 2017, and 2018).

This is also the 17th year the Raptors earned the United Soccer Coaches’ Team Academic Award. The team included the Class of 2021’s Saluditorian, Ethan Oullette.

“Academic success and the pursuit of this honor is something we focus on and that I emphasize,” added Dr. Hamil. “This accomplishment is very rewarding.”