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Spotlight on AMHS Students and school community service during this time

Shout out to our amazing AMHS students and school community for their service during the coronavirus!

Meriem Bazine

Over the time that we have been out of school due to the coronavirus, I’ve had some time to develop some of my hobbies in a way that could help out our community. Recently, the CDC advised us to wear fabric masks when we go outside. So, I contacted companies within the Lowcountry to offer up my sewing skills. Using an elastic free mask pattern I developed (there is an elastic shortage in Charleston right now), I have been fortunate enough to help out Publix supermarkets and some tech companies around Charleston. Currently, I am working on making masks for Amazon and hospital employees, which has been a really amazing opportunity. Through an organization I am a part of, DoSomething, I was able to learn about finances as well and host virtual workshops with members and students all around the country with the help of financial experts from HSBC, an investment bank, Zoe, a DS member from New Orleans, and the head of this workshop, Maddy from DoSomething. It has helped me and my peers learn what  taxes are and how to pay for college, which are quite important topics. We are holding another workshop on Thursday April 30th from 6-7 pm, so stay tuned for a virtual invite to be sent to you in the near future.

M. Bazine's masks


Mrs. Elizabeth Perkis, AMHS parent

Blessing Box service opportunity from Elizabeth Perkis. Contact her directly at if interested in getting more information: I am a neighborhood captain for Lowcountry Blessing Boxes and have continued to receive food/toiletry and monetary donations from neighbors and have filled boxes around Academic Magnet 3-5 days a week during this quarantine. Recently I’ve guided two AMHS students on how they can conduct their own mini food drive and fill boxes themselves. Their parents have reported the entire family enjoyed their process and found it incredibly rewarding. There are more than 100 Blessing Boxes across the Charleston region so there are some near every student’s home. I only give them N Charleston box addresses (these really need attention as there is no wealthy nearby community that supports them) that are safe to travel to where I would comfortably send my own student. 

E Perkis

Jeremiah Benton

Due to a shortage of masks and the disposable nature of their usage, medical institutions like the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) have resorted to creative manufacturing measures. One method of mass production is using 3D printing technology.

Jeremiah Benton, our own AMHS student, has been requested to help MUSC with this initiative. He has a passion for engineering and personally owns a 3D printer with which he can design N95 masks from the comfort of his home.

He reached out to Academic Magnet principal Catherine Spencer, who met him in the parking lot of the school and supplied him with the materials from the school’s engineering department.

“For them to come to high schools instead of professionals, they put a lot of faith in normal users of 3D printers to produce some very high quality masks. It’s a lot of responsibility,” Benton said.

This was a chance for Benton to put his skills toward something far greater than a homework project than just academic enrichment. This extracurricular assignment doesn’t have a grade on it but rather lives on the line. Every mask he makes could save the life of a doctor or patient that’s at stake.

For Benton, the task presented the perfect scenario where engineering and medicine come together to help one another. A beautiful art form created for the benefit of humankind during a time of crisis like the coronavirus.

“It just shows how all aspects of the design for the medical field ties into science and engineering,” Benton said. “It puts a lot of people to work from different fields working on the same goal.”

UPDATE: After turning in 3 completed, reusable masks with ventilators and 5 separate ventilators, I began working on printing only ventilators because they are not reusable. So, MUSC needs more of them than the masks. Right now I have 9 printed with more to come. 

Jeremiah Benton

Aiden McPherson

I am the Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs at MUSC’s College of Dental Medicine. Due to COVID-19, our clinics have needed to make many adjustments to the way that we conduct our operations. In addition to changes in the PPE that we wear, we have also needed to add protective barriers to our check-in and check-out areas. Unfortunately, most businesses are attempting to do the same, so it has been difficult to purchase these barriers. My son, 11th grader Aidan McPherson, answered the call and jumped in to help make some temporary barriers for us. His homemade structures are helping provide some much needed protection for our front desk staff until we can contract with a company to make permanent structures for us.

Aiden McPherson


Lily Lassiter

From Lily Lassiter, a junior at Academic Magnet High School: As a way to give back to the community amid the Covid-19 pandemic, please consider participating in the "heARTS of kindness 2020" initiative. Pictures and videos of students, as outlined below, will be compiled and distributed to hospitals and nursing homes.

  1. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says "Thank you," "We're thinking of you," or any other brief message that either a healthcare worker or a nursing home resident would appreciate. 
  2. Record yourself playing/singing a song, reading a piece of your creative writing, performing a dance, or displaying any other talent. Please limit videos to 3 minutes or less. 
  3. Pictures are welcome if you would like to share work such as paintings, fashion designs, photography, or other artwork. 

Please email your submissions and any questions to by June 1, 2020. Feel free to send multiple pictures/videos. Thank you in advance for your participation! 

Avantika Naidu

Elementary tutoring opportunity:

To the Student Body of AMHS:

Elementary Students Tutoring Opportunity:

To the Student Body of AMHS:

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Avantika Naidu and I am a Freshman at AMHS. I am SC State President for Miracle For Youth (MFY) Volunteer Organization which is a non-profit organization designed to tutor elementary students at no-cost by providing extra curriculum and material. This program was recently discovered in March of 2020 by a group of high-school students in California who wanted to make a difference in education for the youth. After close consideration of the organization, I joined MFY and got elected as SC State President. Since this program is new, many do not know about MFY's goals and background. Please try and contact as many elementary schools and contact me immediately if you have received any response.

Contact Information:

Phone #: (561) - 801 - 8313



Know an AMHS student or community member doing something special in response to the coronavirus?  Send an email to: