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Tuesday, June 2nd Update from Ms. Spencer


June 2, 2020

Dear AMHS Families,

As we complete the final week of the 2019-20 school year, please review these important dates and information needed to close out this year and move on to 2020-21.

June 5 - All grades are finalized for G9, 10, and 11 students

June 10 - Report cards available in digital form and PowerSchool

Now through June 9 - G9, 10, and 11 students return books and equipment.  See SignUp genius from Ms. Pinckney.  Pick up a new ChromeBook if needed.

June 8 - Virtual Graduation public release at 7PM on FaceBook and YouTube. PRIVATE graduate event for viewing - gates open at 7PM. 

June 16 - 9AM at Wando HS Stadium.  PRIVATE event for graduates: diploma awarding ceremony.

Invitations to apply for National Honor Society for the 2020 - 21 school year (G11 and 12 only) will be emailed after grades are officially available on June 10.

Residency and registration for 2020-21: 

Due to ongoing updates on social distancing restrictions, school offices will not be open to receive residency paper documents.  

Charleston County parents that have students who are returning to Academic Magnet High School DO NOT need to send residency.  

All new students to AMHS are required to complete registration and residency.  To access registration forms and residency instructions, please visit

Returning and NEW Out of County Residents/Students must submit required documents with a confirmed received by the Office of Legal Council no later August 1st, 2020.

  • A copy of a filed deed showing property ownership within Charleston County by the student: and
  • A copy of a current tax bill reflecting the student’s name; and
  • (New Student) Provide a release from the school district in which the family resides.

Pursuant to CCSD Policy JFAB - Nonresident Students, JFAB - R (Administrative Rule), Policy DFG - Tuition Income, and State law, any student residing outside of Charleston County is required to own property in their name, with tax assessed value of $300.00 or more, within Charleston County, in order to retain a seat they may be offered. Out of county students, except for those specifically exempted, will be required to pay tuition to attend a CCSD school. Proof of property ownership by an out of county student is due to the Office of General Counsel, 75 Calhoun Street, Charleston SC 29401, 843-937-6515, attention:

If a parent fails to provide verifiable proof that the student owns property within Charleston County by the Board approved deadline of August 1, 2020, the student will lose the seat they may have been offered as of the day after August 1, 2020. There will be no recourse for reconsideration. The seat offered to an out of county student who fails to provide proof of property ownership will be offered to another student on the waiting list.

COMMENTARY: As a school community whose reputation for excellence extends beyond academics to service and leadership, I would be remiss if I did not express our solidarity with all those who speak out against racism and bias in all of its many forms.  We share in the pain and grief expressed by those participating in nonviolent protest and discourse.  We support our families and community members who continue to face discrimination that has so often resulted in the loss of innocent life.  Our Raptor staff and students are well-positioned to lead peaceful activism for the change so much needed in our world.  As a community, let us stand up for what we value as truth and freedom.  As always, the words of our own students are the most powerful:

Dear Academic Magnet,

I am writing this letter in hopes to spread awareness of this global disease that dates back centuries and centuries ago. It is a disease that has caused the death of mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, sisters, and brothers. It has caused the loss of childhoods, lives, and freedom. 

Ahmaud Arbery who was gunned down while peacefully jogging, unarmed, is a victim of this disease.

Treyvon Martin who was gunned down while peacefully walking, unarmed is another victim of this disease.

George Floyd was completely on the ground in handcuffs, while multiple officers surrounded him and another officer was on top of him continuously pressing his knees into his neck. Although Floyd desperately pleaded and said that he could not breathe, he was killed because of this disease.

These are three of the more popular cases related to this disease called racism. Although you may only see a few situations publicized, this disease is something that many communities have to fight on a daily basis.

As a community, we are tired, frustrated, angry, and saddened, not only by the deaths and struggles related to racism, but also by the lack of action taken by some in other communities. Although some have been silent, there are numerous amounts of people that have spoken out in other communities that we are grateful for. Just like COVID-19 can not be conquered by one group, RACISM can not be conquered by one group. Please, begin to join us in continuously speaking out against racism, signing petitions (, donating to families affected, and striving towards justice. We should not wait until it is too late and we have already lost another life.  


Ebonie White, Co-President - BSA 2019-2020

May we all stay safe and well, and true!

Catherine Spencer, Principal


Stress Relief

Stop, Breathe, Think is a mindfulness app and they are currently offering a free web-based program during this time dealing with the coronavirus.