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October 1st Student Return to Campus from Ms. Spencer

September 17, 2020


Dear Students and Raptor Families,

In two weeks, on Thursday, October 1st (B-day), we are excited to welcome back to the AMHS campus all students who wish to be in-person and noted so by the August 28 survey deadline!  For those who registered the intent to start virtually, you will receive a separate email from me requesting that you formalize your intent for the remainder of the 9 weeks.

On October 1, we anticipate that well over 500 students will be in our classrooms, and we are working closely with CCSD Operations to ensure that our spaces meet all of the most recent social distancing requirements.  Because some classrooms can accommodate more than others, some virtual interaction will still be necessary in order to maintain safe and healthy distancing.

It is very important that you understand that not all of your on-campus classes may meet face-to-face with the course teacher every day.  You may still be interacting virtually with some teachers and students in specific courses while being on-campus. This virtual interaction may take place in another classroom, the Lecture Hall, or in the media center as we honor social distancing.  If classes must be split, teachers will be rotating students, so everyone has equal teacher access. Some minor schedule changes may be necessary to minimize student movement.


All students should bring their own personal electronic device and earbuds or headphones.  You may check out a ChromeBook for daily use or request one for take home purposes, if needed.  


With the increased numbers, it is even more important that we adhere to all safety protocols.  Social interaction on campus with other students and teachers is limited and must adhere to requirements in place at all times, including the cafeteria, courtyard, senior lounge, and school hallways as well as to and from the bus loop and parking lot. Please note mask requirements outlined below and immediately provide us with medical documentation if need an exemption:



Students and staff are expected to wear face coverings at all times.  Anyone walking, biking, or exiting a vehicle on campus will be required to wear a face covering.  Students will also be expected to wear face coverings on school buses.  (Note: Students with documented medical conditions may be permitted to not wear a face covering.)    

Exceptions for wearing face coverings may include mealtimes, outdoor activities where 6 foot distancing can be maintained, planned mask breaks, and individuals working in private spaces.  

Neck scarves, bandanas, gaiters and masks with exhalation valves or vents are not acceptable face coverings and shall not be used.  Masks are subject to all CCSD dress code expectations. CCSD will follow DHEC guidelines regarding face coverings as conditions change.

In the interest of the health of each student and staff member, we ask that you do not gather at the bus loop or in the parking lot.  If driving, please remain in your vehicle until you are ready to enter the building no earlier than 8 AM.  If arriving by car drop-off or bus, you may be directed to wait in an area that ensures safe distancing before proceeding to class. 


G11 and 12 students will receive specific information from Ms. Pinckney in the coming days concerning fees and parking space assignments.


G12 and G11 students will have Early Dismissal on their respective Study Hall/Focus at 4A or 4B beginning at 2PM in order to relieve dismissal and capacity issues at the end of each day.  Parent permission will be required and sent to parents over the next week. 

Halls, stairwells, classrooms, the cafeteria, and all learning areas are marked with social distancing signs and directional stickers.  PLEASE be constantly aware of these expectations.

Lockers may not be used at this time.

The Media Center is not available after school until further notice.

The cafeteria is providing individually packaged hot and cold meals and seating is arranged for social distancing.

If you plan to use bus transportation, please see the CCSD website to register. You may also refer to emails recently sent from Ms. Pinckney. 

For continually updated information on health and safety requirements including building sanitation and Covid case reporting, please visit the

The success of this ongoing challenge rests very much with the commitment of all of us to be responsible for social distancing and healthy behaviors both on and off campus.

Catherine Spencer, Principal


PowerSchool is open. To unlock PowerSchool accounts, contact Ms. Pinckney at



CCSD Email should be working.

Contact Ms. Henley at on Tuesday if you have any technical issues. If you are in-person, bring your laptop, charger and earbuds or headphones. Chromebooks will be available.


Student drop-off will now be at the SOA Performing Arts Center as previously required.


Dismissal & Student Pick UP

Pick up is at the Rose Maree Theatre, which is located at the end of the campus. NO PICK UP IN THE STUDENT PARKING LOT OR IN FRONT OF ANY BUILDINGS ON THE ROADWAY.


Bus Transportation

Free to all. Report to the bus stop 15 minutes before the bus arrival. See CCSD website for locations. Please contact Anita Vogel 3 days in advance to request an emergency bus pass.


Water Fountain

Bring water bottles. The water fill station is located on the 1st floor near the boy’s restroom available for use.



The maximum occupancy is 5.


Lunch (12:30 – 1:05)

The cafeteria's maximum occupancy is 80. Note tablel markings for safe seating in the cafeteria. Patio maximum occupancy is 2 per table. You must sit opposite each other. No back to back seating.

Courtyard maximum occupancy is 1 per bench.


School Fees (Activity, PE, and Parking)

RevTrack Payment system will open this week.


Contact Directory

PowerSchool & Textbooks: Lucy

CCSD Email & Technical Issues: Susan Henley—

Attendance & Absences: Tonya Dover—

Bus Passes: Anita


Counseling Department

Student Counselor for A-G: Donna

Student Counselor for H-O: Gabrielle

Student Counselor for P-Z: Vira James--Counseling Director: