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Cario Students Shine at SC State Fair

Congratulations to the following students for placing in the SC State Fair!: 

*Rachel Agudelo- 1st
*Annabelle Twomey-6th
*Kaitlyn Barnard- 7th
*Peyton Moody-8th
*Grace Zuo-6th
*Helen Nang-7th
*Jackie Freibert-8th
*Elena Yu-9th
Carly Sabados-10th
These students placed the top ten of their grade overall for both 2D & 3D Art out of hundreds of entrants! (Students were our last year’s yearlong artists and are listed in their grade they completed their artwork, per the State Fair requirements.) Many congratulations to these students for their outstanding achievement! Many congratulations to all of our talented exhibitors, who are the following, in addition to the previously listed: 
Zoe Butterworth
Sara Embrey
Madeline Fisher
Peyton Moening 
Claire Gibson
Leila Ibach
Abbie MacDaniel
Ava Murphy
Zoe Carpenter
DonJanay Jenkins
Gannon Kepley
Joan Njora
Leaton Nuttall 
Sarah Sharib
Kat Staubs 
Check out the art work HERE!