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Cario Summer Reading

While Cario Middle School does not have REQUIRED summer reading, the faculty and staff do encourage reading during the summer. Read what you like! Participate in the Charleston County Public Library's AWESOME summer reading program to keep you motivated (think, prizes!). As a CCSD student, you are already registered for the program, just login with your school username as both your username AND your password (so, smijoh1234 is your username AND your password).

If you cannot figure out what to read, Cario recommends reading books from this year's South Carolina Association of School Librarians current award nominee list. Students who read at least three titles from this year's list before March of 2021 will be able to vote for their favorite to win the state award.

If you are still looking for recommendations, email the school librarian, Ms. Gomez, at for some personalized recommendations - she LOVES talking books all year long!

Clemson is offereing online summer reading programs designed to help increase reading comprehension and other literacy skills. Check out their offerings HERE