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Stono Park Art Show

On May 3rd, Stono Park Elementary held a “Watch Our Creativity Grow” Art Show impressing fellow students, parents and community members. Mrs. Powell, the art teacher transformed the multipurpose room into a beautiful art gallery filled with student’s CD-5th grade art projects from the school year. 1st grade students were inspired by many different mosaic artists to create their own large paper mosaic mural. Students first learned about texture creating their painted paper tiles then worked collaboratively to put together this artwork. Stono Park scholars school wide created clay projects displaying what they learned about form, 3D shapes and textures. Scholars were excited to see how the glaze has a heat reaction when fired in the kiln and changes colors. The self portraits were remarkable depictions of their self image. The beautiful art work was framed for purchase to fundraise for the Stono Park arts program. Framed students artwork depicting flowers in collage and watercolorsFull view of all artwork displayed; everything from clay pieces to framed paintings.small clay animal sculpturesunder the sea mosiac mural with dolphinpainted clay pieces: birds, flowers and small baskets