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Summer Reading Info

CCPL Summer Reading Site 

Detailed Instructions and Videos for Using Beanstack 

How to use the Beanstack app with multiple readers

Logging Reading for Summer Reading 2023

Any minutes students log in CCSD also count toward CCPL Summer Reading after students are registered, but students must switch to CCPL to participate in any of the Summer Reading Activities.  Even if students don't switch to CCPL, all minutes logged are counted for both CCSD *and* CCPL and will go toward Summer Reading.


Logging into Clever with a browser or free Clever app 

username: lasfir1234 (first 3 letters of last name first 3 letters of first name last 4 numbers of student ID)

password: same as login for CCSD device (123456 for all students in 5th grade and below)

Connecting CCSD Beanstack account to CCPL this is a one-time process and students won't have to do this each year