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STJ Selects Neltie Husted Teacher of the Year

Neltie Husted was named St. John's Teacher of the Year on Thursday, January 12. Mrs. Husted has spent 20 of her 33 years of teaching at St John's. She teaches our developmentally delayed students.

When asked about her teaching practice, she says, "Students with developmental disabilities face not only cognitive and functional challenges, they deal with the barriers of social and emotional aptitude in their daily lives. Therefore, student achievement goals are across their daily lives. I professionally plan for supports and services that impact the child as a whole, not just the 6.5 school day. I believe the individuals I teach are not defined by their disability and have the potential to be successful in their lives as I prepare them for challenges after high school. The time I have with them is spent increasing achievement in all areas of life. I have seen students after graduation accomplish amazing things."


Mrs. Husted was surprised, as she entered the room, by the group of people waiting to congratulate her.


Mr. Joyner announced that she was selected as our Teacher of the Year.


Mrs. Husted's husband, James, joined us for the festivities. His support is important.


Mrs. Husted's students were excited and proud of her.


She received flowers and a plaque from the school.