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Lakevia Mills named Top 5 Teacher of the Year


St. John’s High School science teacher Lakevia Mills has no qualms about sharing her life experiences with her students. They often mirror what the students are going through in their own lives. The purpose is to show them that they can bounce back.

“I am an example of how they can grow,” said Mills. “If I don’t show them my life then they won’t see me as an example. I have high expectations for these kids. They can and will do what is required and then some.”

Mills grew up an only child in Lancaster, SC. She had dreams of going into the field of science. She was always interested in process learning and figuring out how

things work. She did a lot of self-exploration as a way to satisfy her curiosity.

Through college campus tours of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Mills knew on the spot that she wanted to attend Virginia State University. She did and earned her undergraduate and masters in biology. Her interest in teaching was sparked along the way by people who inspired and encouraged her.