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Music around the world at St. Andrews Math and Science

Infusing arts into education is a passion for Vickie Klatt, Teacher of the Year at St. Andrews School of Math and Science. Formerly a teacher at an arts academy in Greenville, SC, she saw firsthand the benefits to implementing various methods of learning.


Mrs. Klatt is in her second year at St. Andrews and wanted to share her passion for the arts with her third-grade students. The idea of bringing in an artist-in-residence came to fruition thanks to a grant she recently received from the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts. 

 musical instruments from around the world

With the grant money, Klatt was able to contract with Jeff Holland, owner/founder of drum4work to host almost a weeks worth of classes called “Music Around the World.”


“Geography is our new third grade curriculum this year and his musical instruction goes hand-in-hand with what we’re learning about in different parts of the world, the diverse cultures, and music,” said Klatt. “Music Around the World also has a STEAM component and Mr. Holland uses artifacts, various forms of dress, and musical instruments to demonstrate how others around the world live and interact. He educates the students about the importance of music in many different cultures, especially the use of percussion instruments. His program ties in with our science and math curriculum and reinforces what we’re doing here in our classrooms. Mr. Holland has given our students the opportunity to connect to their own cultures, as well as with the wider world.”


Students were able to play instruments all while learning about other human societies. Even virtual students were able to enjoy Holland’s “journey around the world” via ZOOM.

 students druming

Holland is the school’s first-ever artist-in-residence, and Klatt was awarded another grant for a visual arts instructor to present to the school.

“The students love this type of learning. It reaches students who might not otherwise be engaged in the classroom,” said Klatt. “Learning through the arts helps increase a broader understanding of a subject area and fosters a greater appreciation for the arts. It really touches those kids who might be shy or who can make a connection to what is being taught. You just never know what kind of lasting impression the arts can have on a child.”