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Sewing Masks and Giving Back

Once again, it only takes one person to make a difference.  Initially, the mother of our second grader, Kinsley Long, started sewing masks for patients she knew with compromised immune systems. However, when the family made an office visit to their pediatrician, they learned that the health workers there did not have enough face masks for protection during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The family decided to make masks for the workers. 


Kinsley’s older sister and former Springfield Mustang, Kaylee, started sewing masks alongside her mother.  In addition to the masks donated to the pediatrician’s office, they have donated over 200 masks as of April 16th.  Currently, the Longs have created over 400 masks.


As Kinsley watched her mom and sister working on the masks,  she wanted to know how she could help.  Her mom asked her, “Well, what can you do?” Kinsley’s response was “I can sing!” 


Kinsley decided to sing on Facebook Live to raise money to help pay for the material and delivery of the masks.  For one hour and twenty minutes, Kinsley sang her heart out. During her singing session, she checked on Kaylee sewing the masks and the onlookers were able to  see the masks being created in real time.   Although they raised funds during the live version, additional funds were donated from viewers who watched it later. They raised over $270! Wow!


The family has been able to continue creating and donating masks to those in need. Their giving from the heart is definitely a family affair that is making a difference!


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