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Gabby's Story - Thank You Healthcare Workers

One person can make a difference.  Gabriella Pucino, a second grader at Springfield has decided to make cards to give to nurses, doctors and healthcare workers at Roper St. Francis Hospital where her mom works. Gabby asked her classmates to join in the service project.  Once Principal Williams was informed about the project, she invited all Springfield students to participate in the service project.

Mr. and Mrs. Pucino pick up cards that have been dropped off at the school.  Mrs. Pucino says that the cards will be distributed to workers at four Roper St. Francis Hospitals. The ones received this week will go in the Easter Baskets that healthcare workers will receive. 

The Pucino family will continue collecting and distributing cards, letters and drawings as long as the pandemic continues. If you want to join the service project, create a card or note of thanks and place it in the container outside Springfield's main entrance.   

Yes, one person can make a difference!  You can also be that person! 

Gabby with box      Gabby drawing   Cards


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