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What Students Need to Learn: Family-friendly State Standards

Why Standards Matter

There are six key reasons why parents and families should be familiar with South Carolina’s academic standards:

  1. Standards set clear, high expectations for student achievement. Standards tell what students need to do in order to progress through school on grade level.
  2. Standards guide efforts to measure student achievement. Results of tests on grade-level academic standards show if students have learned and teachers have taught for mastery.
  3. Standards promote educational equity for all. Instruction in every school in the state is based on the same academic standards.
  4. Standards inform parents about the academic expectations for their child. Standards give parents more specific information for helping their child at home.
  5. Standards enable parents to participate more actively in parent/teacher conferences. Knowledge of the academic standards helps parents understand more about what their child is learning and what they can do at each grade level.
  6. Standards help parents see how the current grade level expectations are related to successive years’ expectations.

Middle School

Family-Friendly Standards for English Language Arts

Family-Friendly Standards for Mathematics

Family-Friendly Standards for Science

Family-Friendly Standards for Social Studies