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South State Bank Squirrel's Club!

South State Bank is pleased to offer our Bank-in-School program at A.C. Corcoran Elementary School. 

The Bank-in-School program provides free savings education and hands-on banking experience to students within the A.C. Corcoran Community.

Students can make deposits into their Youth Savings Account1 once a month at school and watch their savings grow throughout the year.

South State Bank also assists by contributing time and resources to local reading programs, career days, school festivals and teacher appreciation days.


How It Works:

South State will host a bank day once a month. On that day, if your child already has a South State Youth Savings account, he/she will be able to make a deposit in any amount with a Squirrels Club membership card.

If your child does not have a Youth Savings account with South State, he/she will receive informatio on opening an account at the beginning of the school year. To open a new account, your child will need to bring $5, along with a completed application. Before the bank day arrives, you may also visit your local South State branch to open a Youth Savings account for your child so he/she will be able to make a deposit on bank day. Your child will need to bring his/her membership card to school when making a deposit.

Once your child's account is open, he/she will enjoy an annual birthday gift from South State until age 13, in addition to discounts and special benefits throughout the year. 

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