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Publix Partners is Turning Groceries into Education

Over the years, Publix Partners has donated more than $36 million to over 4,600 schools and organizations. And, participating is easy!


How It Works

Sign up for a account

Then log into your account and select A.C. Corcoran Elementary School in your account settings.

Simply enter your phone number at checkout.

Eligible purchases at Publix will help earn money for your school.

A.C. Corcoran Elementary School will receive a check.

Based on a minimum earning of $250 per quarter, A.C. Corcoran Elementary School will receive a check as often as four times a year. If A.C. Corcoran Elementary School doesn't earn $250 in a quarter, any funds accrued will be carried over to the next quarter.

*All purchases are eligible with the exception of gift cards, alcohol, lottery items, money services, postage stamps and prescriptions, purchases from Florida stores, purchases from GreenWise Market locations and purchases made through Publix Delivery powered by Instacart and Publix Curbside powered by Instacart.

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