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“Champion Kids” from A.C. Corcoran Elementary

We are the CHAMPIONS!  That is exactly what Elijah and Xavier Jackson get to say for MUSC, as they have the great honor of being named Champion Kids for MUSC. These two young scholars from A.C. Corcoran Elementary also participated in the MUSC Cares for Kids radiothon. The radiothon took place on February 18-19, 2021, on Kickin 92.5 and Mix 95.9.


Elijah and Xavier Jackson get to say for MUSC, as they have the great honor of being named Champion Kids for MUSC.


Elijah and Xavier, who are also Charleston Miracle Kids for the Children Miracle Network, were 24-week micro-preemies born at MUSC. Eli spent 143 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NNICU), and Xavier spent 342 days in NNICU and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Eli made a full recovery and went home in five months with a feeding tube. They removed the feeding tube after three months. Xavier went home with a trach, ventilator, oxygen, and a gastrostomy tube. MUSC told his parents he was one of the sickest babies they ever had. After Xavier went home, he beat the odds and did an amazing job. He had airway surgery in August 2019 and made a miraculous recovery. These two young boys have inspired doctors, residents, nurses, and staff. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson stated they are very proud of their boys' progress.

Xavier's teacher, Lyric Richardson, stated that Xavier Jackson has been in her class for almost two years. When he first started, he was barely using any words, had difficulty sitting in anything other than a rocking chair, and did not enjoy most activities. 


Elijah and Xavier Jackson get to say for MUSC, as they have the great honor of being named Champion Kids for MUSC.

“I have had the pleasure of seeing him grow into one of the happiest and most brilliant students I have ever worked with,” said Richardson. “Xavier loves being the calendar helper in our classroom, and his favorite job is to feed our classroom pet hedgehog. He enjoys reading books, jumping on the sensory trampoline, doing math activities, and dancing. When we choose centers in our classroom, Xavier will always choose puzzles. He especially enjoys completing puzzles that make sounds when you match the piece on the board. Although Xavier's favorite mealtime is breakfast, you can always see the excitement on his face when we have pizza for lunch. He is a caring friend and a joy to have in our classroom. We are fortunate to be his teachers!”

Elijah's teacher, Blakely Peper, said Elijah is with her for a second year at A.C. Corcoran as a half-day student. 

“It has been such a joy to see the amount of progress Elijah has made so far,” explained Peper. “He is now communicating his wants and needs using a combination of his low-tech picture communication system and reaching for a teacher's hand for assistance. He has made great strides in his social and emotional skills, as evidenced by his increased eye contact, affection shown for familiar adults and peers, and smiling for pictures. Elijah has a smile and a laugh that are absolutely contagious.”

Peper added Elijah is a fearless risk-taker in the classroom and on the playground. He shows such curiosity for the world around him. He has a true love of music, whether it's playing instruments or listening to his favorite songs, especially "Wheels on the Bus'' and "Hickory Dickory Dock.” 

Principal Quennetta White and the whole A.C. Corcoran family are so glad to have these two amazing “Champions” at their school!