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Future Stall Warriors!



Thank you for visiting our school website. R.B. Stall High School is the largest Title 1 school in Charleston County School District (CCSD)! We also have the largest English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) population in CCSD. We are so proud of the diverse population that comprises R.B. Stall High School. 


As soon as you enter our main office, you are greeted by our wonderful main office staff. Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Campbell, and Ms. Guzman-Salazar are veteran Stall employees with a plethora of knowledge on various school topics. In the attendance office, we have Ms. Madison and Ms. Moscat - together, they run the attendance office where students can be signed-in and out, obtain a pass, turn in their parent letters or excuses, etc. 


In the guidance department, we have Mrs. Whestell and Mrs. Stevens. Mrs. Whetsell runs the guidance office and manages the school counselor's schedules and appointments. Mrs. Stevens, a former Stall parent, is in charge of assigning Chromebooks and is a huge support in the guidance department. Ms. White is our registrar, and she helps families with registration, notarizing documents, tending to school transfer requests, etc. They make a great team!

Our guidance counselors are:


Leah Larsen: Director of Guidance



Leslie Pridgen: A - Com



Georgetta Simmons: Con - Grant



Erica Pennino-Smith: Grant - Le



Mary Johnson: Li - Pe



Kema Walker: Perez - Si



Viette Aikens: Sk -Z



In addition to our principal, Mr. Jeremy Carrick, we have five assistant principals that support students by last name. Here are their names and contact information:

Earnest Houston

Assistant Principal for A - Dau


Corel Lenhardt

Assistant Principal for Dav - Hen


Claudia Newbern

Assistant Principal for Her - Moo


Brittany Cummings

Assistant Principal for Mor - Sh


John O'Connell

Assistant Principal for Si - Z


Virginia Sayer

Curriculum and Instruction


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