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WIDA ACCESS TESTING is coming!!!!!

Monday, January 30th Grades 1 and 3 Listening Testing

Tuesday, January 31st Grades 1 and 3 Reading Testing

Wednesday, February 1st Grades 1 and 3 Writing Testing

Thursday, February 2nd Grades 1 and 3 Speaking Testing

Friday, February 3rd Grades 1 and 3 Finish Testing

Monday, February 6th Grades 2 and 4 Listening Testing

Tuesday, February 7th Grades 2 and 4 Reading Testing

Wednesday, February 8th Grades 2 and 4 Writing Testing

Thursday, February 9th Grades 2 and 4 Speaking Testing

Friday, February 10th Grades 2 and 4 Finish Testing

Monday, February 13th Grade 5 and Make-up Listening Testing

Tuesday, February 14th Grade 5 and Make-up Reading Testing

Wednesday, February 15th Grade 5 and Make-up Writing Testing

Thursday, February 16th Grade 5 and Make-up Speaking Testing

Friday, February 17th Grade 5 and Make-up Finish Testing 

Tuesday, February 21st Make-up Testing and ML Groups Resume