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Enrollment Selection Survey:

Please complete the survey linked below. We will use this information to plan for next school year and communicate your child’s enrollment with Charleston County School District (CCSD). The option you choose below will be the one reported to CCSD. No further action is required.

If you have more than one student at The Grove, please submit a separate survey for each child. Please complete this information no later than Thursday, August 6 at 5pm.

 Orange Grove Charter School 20-21 Enrollment Selection Survey

 There are two school start options for your student:

  • Option 1: Orange Grove Charter School

Instruction will begin virtually on Tuesday, September 8, with optional weekly check-ins for elementary students (CD-5 only) starting the week of September 14. Keep in mind that CCSD's Virtual Academy enrollment is available throughout the school year. If you are not comfortable when Orange Grove transitions to a hybrid schedule later in the year, for example, you can enroll your student in CCSD's Virtual Academy at that point.

  • Option 2: CCSD's Virtual Academy

Students will remain enrolled at Orange Grove for the 20-21 school year and will have the option each quarter (Elementary) / semester (Middle) to resume Orange Grove's program for the remainder of the school year.

For additional details and information, our Frequently Asked Questions (current as of July 29) can be found here.


Additional Information and Frequently Asked Questions:

  • So, everyone starts off virtual? Yes. All students will be instructed virtually beginning 9/8. Orange Grove will begin providing the option FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS to attend in small groups on 9/14 for those students not enrolled in the CCSD virtual option.
  • Is Orange Groves virtual option the same as what CCSD advertised? No. If you choose CCSD’s option, you are choosing to attend a 100% virtual option that will be taught by non-Orange Grove teachers. Elementary students who have chosen this option will have to remain in this program until the end of each quarter enrolled. In my understanding, there is no option to meet with the teacher one on one or in a small group. If a middle school student chooses CCSD’s option they will need to remain enrolled until the end of the semester. This requirement is for grading purposes.
  • If I choose CCSD’s option for my middle school student will they still be able to earn high school credits? Most likely, yes, but that is a question that CCSD would have to answer. A foreseeable hiccup that I see happening with high school credits is that the course work is on a semester rotation. Students who choose this option could return to Orange Grove midyear having already completed a high school credit course or not having begun, while Orange Grove teaches those classes over the entire year. 
  • If I choose to enroll in CCSD’s program will I lose my spot at Orange Grove? No. Your child(ren) will still be considered Orange Grove students. Orange Grove will pay CCSD a pro-rated portion of the per pupil funding to cover the virtual program costs. 
  • Will my child have to wear a mask all day in the building if I choose for them to attend Orange Grove’s weekly check ins? Students will be required to wear masks on the bus and when they are in the hallways (ie. Entering and exiting the building). Students and staff will be required to wear clear face shields in the classroom. Orange Grove is purchasing these items, but you are also welcome to purchase them if you would like. Students and staff are welcomed to, but not required to keep their masks on in the classroom in addition to their required face shield while they are able to observe social distancing requirements. In other words, face shields are the minimum in the small group classroom setting. 
  • Do face masks have to be uniform colors? No.
  • Will students be sitting behind plexiglass dividers during the check in days? No, with only 25% of the classroom participating per day we can easily spread students out within the 1,000+ square foot classroom. Mandated face shields (which obviously move with the student), provide more assurance, in my opinion, than a plexi glassed sectioned off desk. 
  • Does my child have to follow the dress code on the optional check in days? On-site, yes, during virtual instruction, no. That really was a question…Ha!
  • Is my child required to attend the weekly check ins? No. However, it is strongly encouraged. If your reservations are due to safety concerns you may want to consider CCSD’s virtual offering. 
  • How long will Orange Grove offer its virtual program with optional check in opportunities? Orange Grove will continue to offer the virtual option with check in opportunities as long as conditions are such where it is deemed necessary. It is my hope that we can gradually step up the number of students that we can bring in daily. Again, that decision cannot be made at this time.
  • Is there a chance our children could attend more than once a week? Potentially. If/when conditions improve and we have real numbers on who within our school enrollment is attending Orange Groves virtual option or  CCSD’s virtual option we will make those decisions. 
  • How will I let the school know which option we’ve chosen that best suits our family? Orange Grove will be sending out a survey to parents asking which option you have chosen. Please note that if you choose to go with CCSD’s virtual option over Orange Grove’s you will also need to sign up for that program through CCSD. 
  • If my child has an IEP for Special Education services will they be able to receive those services at Orange Grove? Yes, those services will be delivered by their Special Education teachers. Schedules will be set up individually for those students. 
  • If I’ve signed up for CCSD’s virtual program and have a child with an IEP for Special Education services, will Orange Grove still provide those services for my child? Yes,Orange Grove will be able to serve those students, however, I can’t promise that all minutes will be served virtually. As our plans develop we will know more about the possible Special Education schedules. 
  • Will bus transportation be provided for the weekly check in days at the elementary? Yes, our normal bus routes will be in operation during those days. Capacity will be reduced to 25% or less. Students will be required to wear masks on the bus and will load the bus from back to front with empty rows between riders. Siblings will sit together. Updated times will be published in the coming weeks and accessible at
  • Will Orange Grove be stepping up cleaning procedures? 

Of course. Orange Grove has made major investments in an effort to keep everyone safe. The following are some, but not all of what has been planned.

    • Shields required for classrooms, masks for everywhere else. Again, you may double up in the classroom if you so choose.
    • 2x daily disinfecting of buses using electrostatic sprayers.
    • Investments in and programing of roof top fresh air filtration systems at the Elementary campus. 
    • At minimum, weekly disinfecting of the campuses using electrostatic sprayers. 
    • Initially reducing the number of students per day in the building to 25% capacity.
    • Daily (at minimum) disinfecting of all student surfaces and touch points. 
    • Water bottle fillers at water fountain areas. 
    • Hands free hand sanitation stations at intersections and common entrance and exits.
    • Daily temperature checks for staff and students on check in days. 
    • Visitors (this includes parents) will not be permitted beyond the front office area. 
    • Interior doors that do not have to remain closed will remain open. 
    • Established protocol for responding to positive Covid-19 cases which exceeds recommendations. 

 <Current As of 8/3/20>