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Virtual Back to School Jam/Information a Night big hit

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom………………………… Just Like that………..North Charleston High School (NCHS) hosted its first “Virtual Back to School Jam Information Night/Freshmen Orientation” on August 27, 2020 from. As the clock ticked to 4:45 p.m. the music began to play by NCHS’s Student Concern Specialist, aka “DJTANK jamming on the 1’s and 2’s.  Students and staff jammed with DJTank for 15 minutes before the Agenda began!

The amazing administration team worked together to present a strong front for our parents and students. The Virtual Back to School Jam was facilitated by Assistant Principal, Carolyn Anderson. There were over 100 participants on the Zoom Meeting.

 Principal Darby opened the event with his famous “OLD SCHOOL RAP.” He welcomed parents, students, faculty and staff. Introduction of the faculty and staff was followed by registration information, CANVAS platform, Fall Sports, and the safety of all. As the evening progressed, grade level breakout sessions were next on the agenda.

Grade Level administrators met with students/parents. The team introduced expectations, discussed discipline plans, restart of school, and assured parents of the safety of all. After one hour of the grade level sessions, the group met back together to convene with final remarks by Principal Darby.

 As administrators read the comments in the chat, viewed faces on the Zoom, they were able to review the comments from parents and students such as “Thanks”, “awesome job” and “great presentation,” to name a few. 

Even though, COVID-19 comes with many uncertainties. One thing for sure and two for certain, NCHS is “THE SCHOOL OF THE CITY.” Our first Virtual Back to School Jam was SUCCESSFUL.”