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James B. Edwards Named Samull Herb Garden Grant Awardee

The Herb Society of America's Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant Committee has selected James B. Edwards Elementary School to receive a grant for $300 to be used towards their herb garden project.

The Herb Society of America offers grants & scholarships to support herbeducation through; elementary school education (in the form of a living herb garden); consumer goods research & development; college students pursuing higher education; and a variety of regional unit scholarships.

The Herb Society of America continues to be impressed by the growing interest in the Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant as well as the diversity of ideas regarding how recipients plan to use the grant money to foster an interest in gardening with herbs, both in and outside of the classroom. This year applications arrived from nearly every state covering a range of backgrounds from inner city schools to special needs programs. 

Elementary school classrooms with fifteen students or more may apply for the classroom herb garden grant to establish an herb garden. The funds may be used for supplies such as soil, plant trays, containers, child or youth sized tools, etc.

The winners include:

James B. Edwards Elementary School – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

The James B. Edwards Elementary School (JBE) is a horticultural school. Crops grown supplement the Back Pack Buddies Weekend Meals Program that supports food challenged families. JBE students will expand their gardens to include herbs adding diversity to the weekend meals program. Additionally the herbs will form the basis of geography and history lessons as students research the cultural use of the herbs involving medicine and cooking. 

For more information and the complete list of winners, please visit the Herb Society website.