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Gingerbread with the Principal at Goodwin Sparks Holiday Spirit

Principal Natasha Jones and the staff at W.B. Goodwin Elementary School (WBGES) are continuing to build on an established, positive relationship with the school community. Jones hosted the first annual “Gingerbread with the Principal” December 12, 2018. About 60 families attended the event, which also served as Principal Jones’ second school-wide meet and greet with WBGES parents this year. 

This is Jones’ first year as the principal at WBGES, and she is providing creative ways to engage with parents and lay out her goals for the school. 

“We are in this together and my door is always open,” explained Jones. “It is one of my missions to make sure that all stakeholders feel valued and appreciated and that they have a voice. In essence, that is the only way we are going to move Goodwin to the next level.” 

Julia VillagomezThe morning was filled with music and fun. As families made their gingerbread  houses, Principal Jones discussed what they (the houses) symbolized for her: the milk cartons represent the foundation of the school; the graham crackers are the framework-students, parents, faculty, and staff working together to build that sense of community; the icing is what holds the school community together; and the special treats are the talents that everyone brings to the table. 

The parents and families that attended enjoyed the fun, holiday atmosphere, while at the same time understood the intentional message of unity. 

“It is important to be involved in my daughter’s school,” said Kassandra Colon, a WBGES parent. “I feel closer to my principal. She opened the door to have a better relationship with her and I feel welcome.” 

There was also a contest to recognize the best gingerbread houses. More than 30 houses were constructed, so the staff had a tough time deciding on the winners. However, three stood out among the rest: Julia Villagomez won first place, followed by Jessica Sanchez and Jose Ramon. All three parents received gift cards and prizes. 

Jones and the WBGES staff have planned to hold at least two more meet-and-greets this school year, as they invite parents and community members to get involved at W.B. Goodwin Elementary School. 

For more information about “Gingerbread with the Principal” or how to support WBGES, contact Principal Natasha Jones at (843) 767-5911