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Office of Nutrition Services Prepared to Feed Students of Federal/Contract workers

Federal employees and federal government contractors in financial need are encouraged to apply to enroll their children in the Charleston County School District’s (CCSD) Free and Reduced Meal program. 

Federal funding is in place for the Office of Nutrition Services to feed additional students during the government shutdown.

Walter Campbell, Executive Director of Nutrition Services said that federal funding is in place to allow the district to operate the program through March; after that CCSD would have to utilize fund balance to run the program into the summer.

“The United States Department of Agriculture has directed us to continue administering the program,” Campbell said. “Parents who are federal contractors or work for the federal government are encouraged to call our office directly. We will personally walk them through the application process.”

Campbell said there would be no cutbacks on service or quality. “We realize this is an extremely serious situation,” Campbell said. “We are going to continue feeding kids. Call us directly. It is our pleasure to help out.”

Free and Reduced Meals can be applied for using one of two methods, by using our online application or by submitting a paper application. To learn more visit the food services website or call 843-566-8180.