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Former Pinckney day porter honored for work as district grounds keeper

Charleston County School District (CCSD) uses SSC Services for Education to maintain the grounds of most facilities and schools. An employee of SSC was recently recognized for his hard work. 

Don Myrick is an assistant grounds manager who was awarded the “I Got This” award. It is given annually in honor of Eric Proksch, who was a Grounds Senior Project Manager. Proksch passed away from COVID-19 and SSC wanted to find a way to continue to honor him.

The award was presented to Myrick at Charles Pinckney Elementary School where he was previously not just the day porter, but part of the Pinckney family. Myrick chose the location because of his love for the students and the staff. As part of the recognition, a Japanese maple was planted by the SSC Grounds team on the front lawn of the campus in honor of Myrick.

The award is given to one Grounds associate a year. Myrick was chosen out of over 1,000 SSC Grounds associates across the United States. 

Proksch’s wife and family were in attendance along with George Bernardon, Vice President of SSC Grounds Management.

“Don was chosen because he is outstanding at what he does and he goes above and beyond,” said Bernardon. “His ‘I got this’ attitude embodies Eric who was a valued team member and loyal friend to many.”

Proksch’s wife Tami said her husband was always striving to improve and learn new things.

“Like Don, he went above and beyond,” said Tami. “He took great pride in his work. I love honoring someone who is a reflection of my husband.”

Myrick knew Eric personally and is humbled by the recognition.

“I don’t work hard for the recognition,” said Myrick. “I just do my job the way it is supposed to be done better if I can. I won’t fail for lack of effort.”

Pinckney Principal Tiffany Henderson said she was thrilled SSC recognized Myrick’s strong work ethic.

“He takes the same standards to our campus grounds as he did inside the building,” said Henderson. “He works hard every single day, often unnoticed. This recognition is well deserved.”