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Public Statement from the CCSD Board

The death of George Floyd and the protests that have followed have put the spotlight for many people on the era in which we live.  These incidents of racism and inequitable treatment have existed for many years, to the point that it has become an unfortunate way of life for too many citizens. 

 Times of turmoil and heartbreak force all of us to look for truths that we can hold onto, truths that will guide us as we search for a way to move forward from here.   From the Board of Trustees, we strongly agree with this truth:  racism, hatred, violence, and prejudice are evils that cannot be tolerated. 

The CCSD Board of Trustees embraces strong core values of equity, justice, human dignity, and the crucial role public education plays in enabling the next generation of adults to enjoy the freedoms of our democracy.  The Board’s recent actions — the equity and inclusion analysis, mission-critical decisions, cultural competence initiative, and restorative justice practices—demonstrate our determination to address long-standing inequities.  However, these are inequities that have existed for far too long, and the consequences affect us negatively as a nation and as a community.

We and all people of goodwill must question if we are doing enough.  We know we will have to create different conditions for learning and supporting our students when school restarts. We are also well aware of the achievement gap that leaves too many children of color academically vulnerable.  We must respond in ways that demonstrate our determination to support all children to high levels of accomplishment.  

The Board members would like to acknowledge that CCSD is made up of incredibly good and capable people. We are a strong school system.  We can help build a stronger community and a more secure future for all of our students.  We must seize this opportunity by taking constructive action to back up our words. 

We, as a collective Board and as individual Board members, pledge to do our part to rid our system of racism, hatred, violence, prejudice, and inequitable treatment as we help create a future that is bright for ALL the children of CCSD.