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April STEM Challenge

We are SO impressed with the amazing structures our Wildcats created for the April STEM challenge. The directions were to build the tallest, freestanding structure possible with just 100 index cards and masking tape.
We thank all those who took pictures and those who brought their structures in and those who attempted to build a structure. What great little scholars we're growing here at Mt. Zion!
Aaliyah with her structure
Amilah's tower
Angelique with her tall tower
Clara's tower
Deisy's Super Tall Tower
Ada's structure
Isla and Sullivan
Justin with his structure
Kierra & Connor's structure
Kimberly Arana's tower
Liset's Tower
Maddison's tower
Maya Clow's tower
Micah's tower
Nathali Garcia's structure
Nico's tower
Scarlett's Structure
Zoei's structure