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Congratulations, Ms. Bianco!

Congratulations to Erin Biacno, Teacher of the Year for Mt. Zion Elementary. Ms. Bianco has been teaching for 15 years. All except two of those years have been at Mt. Zion! Ms. Bianco is an extremely involved member of the school community. Over the years she has helmed tennis teams, recycling teams, trips to Washington, DC and much, much more. This year Ms. Bianco has been instruamental in receving funding towards a state-of-the-art outdoor classroom space and implementing STEM lessons into the classrooms. 

Ms. Bianco was suprised by Mrs. Mims and Ms. Sams on February 4, 2021. Her students cheered her on as she was given flowers and a banner. Ms. Bianco's students often comment on how her encouragement (and unwillingness to accept excuses) has given them confidence in their academic skills and ability to try new things. 

Bianco & Students

Bianco with Sams and Mims