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Moultrie receives EXCELLENT rating on state report card and is ranked as the Top Neighborhood Middle School in South Carolina.

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Moultrie News article: Moultrie Named Top-Ranked Neighborhood Middle School in the State


Moultrie Named Top-Ranked Neighborhood Middle School in the State

Nearly 800 children in the East Cooper area attend the top-ranked neighborhood middle school in the state. Just last week, Moultrie Middle School’s South Carolina Report Card revealed the school achieved an Excellent rating of 83% for the 2018-19 rating.

Moultrie Middle School’s performance substantially exceeded the criteria to ensure all students meet the profile of the S.C. Graduate, according to SC Report Cards. In addition to being the No. 1 neighborhood school, Moultrie Middle ranks No. 2 out of all South Carolina Middle schools, falling two points shy to Buist Academy located in downtown Charleston.

Executive Director of School Support and Principal of Moultrie Middle School Anita Huggins says it’s remarkable to achieve second out of 330 middle schools in the state; including public, charter and magnet schools.

“I am overwhelmed by the report card rating. I’m excited for parents, students and the entire community. These results really are a testament to strategic leadership, standard driven rigorous instruction and the commitment of parents to this school and to their children,” Huggins said.

Moultrie Middle was the only middle school in the state to show 100% growth for its bottom quartile of students. The report also showed that school-wide, nearly 98% of Moultrie Middle students met their growth targets.

Huggins explained that the growth goals are based on students’ academic achievement from South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Assessments (S.C. Ready) which tests English language arts and math and South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS) which tests overall student performance in science and social studies. The rating is based on the students’ progress within those two tests throughout the state. In addition to student achievement, the rating also looks at a state issued survey on the overall environment and engagement of each school.

Huggins said that the standard driven instruction by the teachers at Moultrie Middle and the staff’s attention to success is the reason for achieving this goal.

“It so exciting for me to be the leader of this school that is dedicated to student achievement, student growth as well as the social and emotional well-being of students. Students have to feel emotionally strong to be able to succeed at high levels,” she said. “One doesn’t come without the other. This staff is really dedicated to achievement growth and social, emotional well-being of kids.

Huggins said the staff at Moultrie Middle is already busy at work to identify ways to take their report card rating to the next level. The staff is strategically meeting in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) now to determine ways that they can continue to meet the needs of students, specifically the special needs population and their students that suffer from an achievement gap. They’re also looking at ways to elevate the students already exceeding to the next level.

“We’re looking at intervention programs, incentive programs and we are looking to our community to tell us how they can support the mentorship needs we have here at Moultrie,” she said.

Huggins explained they need mentors for all of their students and wants the community to rally around what they’re doing inside the school to make kids well rounded and ready for either college or career. She said she’s encouraged by the teachers and those dedicated to make Moultrie Middle such a great learning environment for kids.

Huggins shared the news with the school on Tuesday, Oct. 1. She said the staff and students were so excited that on Friday, Oct.4 they held a surprise Patriots Pep Rally to celebrate the student achievement. The celebratory event began with the pep rally in the gym at 1 p.m. followed by a few hours of fun activities sponsored by Moultrie Middle’s PTO. The activities included jump castles, snow cones, Chick-fil-a and more to talk about and congratulate the school’s success.

“Our work is so hard each and every day and it’s important to stop and celebrate the great things that are going on in classrooms,” Huggins said.

Charleston County School District confirmed that all non-charter middle schools in the East Cooper area improved their rating with the 2018-19 S.C. School Report Card. Moultrie Middle School’s rating stayed in the Excellent range increasing from 60% to 83%. Laing Middle School went from an Average rating of 44% to an Excellent rating of 68%. Thomas C. Cario Middle School went from a Good rating of 51% to an Excellent rating of 65%.

In addition, East Cooper Montessori Charter School in Mount Pleasant stayed within an excellent rating with this year’s report card. Results for the official S.C. School Report Card 2018-19 ratings can be found online at

Article from the Moultrie News by Cecilia Brown  

From Principal Huggins:

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your students’ attending the top-ranked neighborhood middle school in South Carolina.  Moultrie earned an Excellent rating and 83 out of the 100 possible points offered through the rating system.  What's even more exciting is that Moultrie ranks #2 out of all 330 SC middle schools, second only to Buist Academy. 

Not only did our students achieve at very high levels, Moultrie is also the only middle school in the state to show 100% growth for its bottom quartile of students, with nearly 97% of all students meeting growth goals. 

To continue this level of excellence, we need your support:  First, encourage your students to follow the direction of their teachers, completing classwork and homework daily. 

Second, encourage them to read daily; it is simply essential for the growth of all learners. 

Next, make sure your students take advantage of extra opportunities available at Moultrie for their social, emotional, and academic development. 

Last, stay involved.  Read the Moultrie Messenger, contact the PTO for ways to give back (, and be in touch directly with me ( about what extra opportunities you might be able to either assist or make available to some of our most needy students.

Congratulations, again.  It’s a GREAT day to be a Patriot!