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National Geographic Bee

Congratulations to Joseph Garner

for WINNING Moultrie's National Geographic Bee!

geographic bee winner

All Moultrie students took a preliminary National Geographic Bee test at the beginning of January and the top 20 students (plus ties) advanced to the championship round for the school.  The winner of the championship round, Joseph Garner, will advance to take the state geographic test against the winners from other middle schools in South Carolina. 

Congratulations to the following students who competed in Moultrie's  School-Wide Geographic Bee! Joseph Garner was the Champion and Connor Neal was the Runner-Up.

6th Grade

-Lawson Bonds

-Dale Paulsen

-Grant Galloway

-Colton Bennett

-Hunter Batt

-Davis Bonds

-Daniela Gambino

-Emily Stafford

-Haasitha Nalla

-Porter Yount


7th Grade

-Blake Taylor

-Max Whitmer

-Calvin Volkman

-Charlie Graham

-Kyle Liperote


8th Grade

-Connor Neal - Runner-Up

-Sebastian Krehbiel

-Nate Markin

-Emilia Guerard

-Joseph Garner - Champion

-William Stein

-Jason Gould

-Will LeClercq