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Miscellaneous Updates

Parent and Guardian reminders:

Parent and Guardian reminders:
a)    Cadets will receive a new 3rd quarter schedule tomorrow.
b)    Report Cards will be issued on Thursday, Jan 23, 2020, following our 2 p.m. promotion ceremony.  Please try to attend.
c)    Athletic Booster club meeting will be held on January 22, 2020, at 5 p.m. followed by an all-senior cadet parent meeting at 6 p.m.  Please make arrangements to attend and discuss all the end of year events including (Prom, Senior Trip, Banquet, and Graduation).     
MMA Reminders
a)    The Washington, D.C. trip has been canceled.
b)    The CyberEagles will compete on Friday, in the cybersecurity competition semifinals.
c)    PBIS talent show and telethon will be held on February 13, 2020.  Please make a pledge and support this event by calling 843-745-8600 
d)    A note must be turned in to the office in the morning if your child has to be released from classes early.  Remember, early release ends at 3:00 p.m.  Cadets should not arrive and be left on campus before 7:45 a.m. All cadets should now have clear book bags upon arriving on campus.  Parents, please keep all non-compliant book bags at home, your cadet should now have a clear bag in accordance with school expectations.  Additionally, please adhere to the arrival, drop-off, pick-up, and dismissal expectations.

Please continue to check our MMA website, Facebook page, and Twitter page for additional updates and news related to our family.  Let’s have a great week Eagle family.