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Ms. Latrea Heyward 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year



 Dr. Maya Angelou penned, “I have the responsibility of making the road for someone who is yet to come.” My vision is to build a road worth traveling for our school and community. I contribute to the village that has been paved for our scholars by showing them how to find value in themselves, each other, and how to contribute to the MMA village.  My late father advised, “It’s easy being nobody, but hard being somebody.” Today’s children are catapulted into an always-changing world. In the midst of COVID-19, education is forever changed. As society adjusts to a new normal, I am changing the way I think, teach, and the relationships that I am developing with each member of the MMA community. I am striving to show equity, unity, compassion, and empathy.  Being a change agent goes beyond academia.  It is the emotional, mental, and social connections that will change and help our scholars find their value.  No one values anything that is not important to his individual persona.  If my purpose is to show our scholars that what they are learning is valuable, I have to show them that they are valued through my actions, words, and thoughts.