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Teacher of the Year

Over the past seven years, I’ve tried to bring a positive impact to the Memminger community by cultivating a school environment that feels like a second home to our kids - a place where we want to see everyone succeed. As teachers, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to form relationships with students where we can help them become the best versions of themselves. In order to do this, I know this means supporting students’ growth in far more than just academics and scores. I try to always see the best in my students and create a space where everyone believes they belong and are empowered to grow academically and socially. While education continues to change every day, I know my effort and passion will stay the same in striving to support our students and create more equitable opportunities for everyone. Whether the changes I’ve made have been big or small, I hope they have positively impacted the Memminger community.


- Cara Butcher, Teacher of the Year