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Bikes for students

Students at Matilda F. Dunston Elementary School are "going places" thanks to former CCSD teacher Katie Blomquist, her non-profit Going Places, local businesses, and volunteers from the community. On Monday, November 14, 2022, every student (448) found out they had received a brand-new bike. Students, staff, and families met outside and then watched as dozens of volunteers hoisted large tarps to reveal hundreds of bicycles with the name "The Reason" on them.
Blomquist and Going Places have now arranged for new bikes to be donated to every student at eight CCSD schools: Pepperhill Elementary (2017), Mount Zion Elementary (2018), Sanders-Clyde Elementary (2019), Edith L. Frierson Elementary (2019), Stono Park Elementary (2020), Jane Edwards Elementary (2020), Lambs Elementary (2021), and Matilda F. Dunston Elementary (2022). Charleston Development Academy will become the ninth school later this week. Several more schools have received bikes through mini-reveals as well.
We sincerely thank "Going Places" and all the community volunteers who came out to make this a truly special day for our students!