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Lunch Duty Volunteers Needed!

We are going to start having Duty Free Lunch for our staff members on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Parents will help supervisor students during lunch so our teachers can take a break and eat without their students. Please sign-up below! Sign-ups are in 50 minute increments from 10 am to 1:20 pm.

All volunteers must be cleared through the CCSD Volunteer Application.  Please click the link below to go to that site:

Please arrive at school and get checked in 10 minutes before your time slot.  Once you are checked in, Ms. Mary will give you a map of the cafeteria with the area you are to monitor highlighted on the map. There will be a staff member in the cafeteria to assist at all lunch periods. 

Thank you for helping us give our teachers a few minutes to eat lunch and socialize with their colleagues, away from the cafeteria.