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Safe ReStart plans approved

CCSD's Board of Trustees approves the Safe Restart Plan  

CCSD will offer two options:

a) The in-person school that will begin Sept. 8 with actual in-person instruction (subject to a sustained downward reduction in COVID-19 infection rates) or temporary stay-at-home remote instruction if parents prefer to start the school year in remote mode;

b) The K-12 Virtual Academy, which entails a 9-week commitment for K-8 students and a semester commitment for high school students.
Both temporary and virtual remote instruction will include intermittent in-person check-ins with students by teachers.
In-person student presence at school may occur for parents and teachers who are comfortable with this option, (not expected to exceed 20-25% of normal school capacity) as determined by each school's current medical metrics and logistical considerations. 
Charleston County must see a downward trend in COVID-19 rates over a 14-day period before the Board will consider changing the operating mode. Data will be reviewed every two weeks by staff; monthly by Board.

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