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End of the Year Awards Information

8th grade awards will be May 31 during the graduation ceremony at Seacoast Church at 3:30pm.

7th grade awards will be June 5. 

              8:45am - Team Cooper (Crawford, Henry, Lowe, Pilcher)

                             Team Stono (Faulds, Graham, Heard, Varner)

              9:30am-  Team Edisto (Zorin, Greco, Silva, J. McAdoo)

6th grade awards will be June 6.

              8:45am- Team Albatross (Nugent, Newberry, Owen, Power)

                            Team Sandpiper (Molino, Robertson)

              9:30am-  Team Osprey (Strachan, Hanks, Dorsey, Lowry)

                             Team Pelicans (Green-Phillips, Graves, Ingram, Buckheister)