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Fact and Fee Day-August 8

Our fact and fee day is Monday, August 8. Please see the specific grade level times that listed below. Fact and fee is when you come in to pick up a back to school packet, pay student fees and sign up to join our PTO. You also pick up your child's schedule. We encourage families to pay their fees online. When this is done the process takes about 15 to 20 minutes. If you are not able to come to fact and fee we will be able to hand out packets and schedules in the front office starting on August 9.

6th Grade- 8am-11am

7th Grade- 11am-2pm

8th Grade 2pm-4pm

All Grades 4pm-6pm

If you have children in different grade levels you can bring them at the same time.

**School supplies can not be dropped off at this time. They can be brought in over the first couple of days of school.