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1st Semester Student Awards Assemblies

1st Semester Awards Times- A Honor Roll; A&B Honor Roll, PRIDE award

6th Grade
1/30 @ 9:30 am Manatees and Narwhals (Kramer, Beuoy, Ingram, Sailors, Ceccoli, Dorsey, Buckheister)

1/31 @ 9:30 am Sea Turtles and Sea Stars (Gachineiro, Graves, Owen, Lowry, Langendorfer, Green,
Sullivan, Carney)

7th Grade
1/29 @ 8:45 am Team Revolution and Fusion Force (Wall, Henry, Costner, Hicks, Faulds, Greco, Walker,

1/29 @ 9:45 am Mighty Minds and Superior Sevens (Bass, Handshoe, Silva, Shaver, Newberry, Lowe,
McAdoo, Likar)

8th Grade
1/28 @ 8:40 am Team Santee and Team Cooper (Stoe, Hainline, Rood, Plumb, Freeman, Greene, Cottrell,

1/28 @ 9:15 am Team Edisto and Team Wando (Koerner, Bolt, Seay, Russell, Byrne, McAdoo, Clement,