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2020-2021 Teacher of the Year

Ladson Elementary is proud to announce our 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year, Ms. Candace Bare! This is Coach Bare's second year with us here at Ladson as a P.E. Teacher. She has incorporated many cool ways to bring the fun into physical fitness, both in person and virtually! Her dedication to the physical well being of our students and even our staff, by creating the "Walking Club" is something to be admired. We are so blessed to have her as a part of our team!
When nominated, she was asked, "How have you positively impacted student achievement?" Here is her response.....
Candace Bare - Setting the tone for success in Physical Education at Ladson Elementary is much more than creating great lesson plans. Success requires a commitment to the wellbeing of each individual student and hinges on one’s ability to cultivate trusted relationships. By immersing myself in the culture of my students, I gain a greater understanding and appreciation for their worldview, which helps us connect on a deeper, more meaningful level. Taking the time to nurture a working alliance with my students helps establish a safe learning environment where they feel free to explore and enjoy the benefits of physical fitness. Exercise and physical fitness is associated with improved mental health, increased academic achievement, better school attendance, and fewer disciplinary problems. Physical activity provides students with a cathartic outlet to alleviate stress and anxiety and teaches positive coping skills to help regulate emotion and boost self-esteem. I challenge self-reflection within each student and encourage them to celebrate every success. Through both modeling and connection, I hope to inspire a desire for healthy, active living within each one of them. My goal is to provide a positive experience that offers my students the best opportunity to excel both physically and academically.