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Paper Tutor Rockstars

Congratulations to these math honors students for being Paper Tutor Rockstars: Carlos Gomez Perez, Saliyah Mazyck, Anthony Perez Gomez, and Richard Ruiz Reyes (6th graders); Ismael Gonzalez-Altuzar, Paris Hurst, and Isaiah Rhoades (7th graders); and Xiomara Mateos Gatica, Maydelin Palacios Garcia, Kaelynn Salley, and Sanaai Spillers (8th graders). 

These were the top eleven Paper Tutor students at Zucker. They, and all the students who participated in the program, had to complete math missions in Paper Tutor.  Zucker was competing against Northwoods Middle, Morningside Middle, Deer Park Middle, and C.E. Williams Middle North and South.  We finished in first place with 4,201 missions successfully completed. 

For more information about Paper Tutor's partnership with Charleston County School District, visit the Paper Tutor website or contact Kendra Jenkins-Scott, Zucker's Math Instructional Coach.

6th grade Paper Tutor Rockstars

6th grade Rockstars

7th grade Paper Tutor Rockstars

7th grade Rockstars  

8th grade Paper Tutor Rockstars

8th grade Rockstars