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First Day of School- August 17

First Day - Wed, August 17

The doors will open at 7:05am. Please be patient and VERY careful in the parking lot. On the first day only, parents will be allowed to walk their children to their classrooms. Please drop your children off quickly and feel free to join us in the cafeteria for our BOO HOO/YAHOO breakfast.

We ask that cars take turns entering from either direction off of Bulrush Basket Lane, merging into the one entrance lane. The road will divide into two lanes before merging again at the cone beside the entrance to the parking lot. Be kind! This division & remerge is necessary to avoid congestion on Hamlin Road. Both lanes can be used for drop off, only the left lane has access to the parking lot.  (This will make more sense once you've done it) As you exit drop off, you must turn RIGHT onto Bulrush Basket Lane. To see a map of the transportation pattern, click HERE.

To access this year's bus schedules for Jennie Moore click HERE.  You can also sign up for the First View app to receive notifications and tracking for your child's bus. Remember to be patient the first week as bus routes may need to be adjusted early in the school year.