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School Improvement Council Survey

The School Improvement Council at JME:  Help US, Help YOU!


SIC Survey


This year has been a challenging year for all of us with the return to school, work and activities while also using virtual tools. The JME School Improvement Council (SIC) played a big part in helping students, teachers and families navigate the virtual world. Here’s what we’ve accomplished over the past couple of years:


Parent Virtual Learning Survey & List of Online Resources:

  • Surveyed parents to learn what online resources they used for virtual learning.
  • Created a comprehensive list of online learning resources for all JME families – organized by grade level, subject, type of resource and cost.
  • Shared extracurricular STEM, critical thinking skills and physical education activities


Virtual Escape Rooms:

  • Created a “Virtual Escape Room” for Math and Language Arts to replace traditional in person nights.
  • Used student testing data (MAP testing) and met with JME teachers and interventionists to develop Virtual Escape Rooms content.
  • There were three leveled versions of the Virtual Escape Rooms (Kindergarten-1st, 2nd- 3rd grade, and 4th- 5th grade).
  • Virtual Escape Rooms were a huge hit across all grade levels and will remain on our JME website.


JME Parent Workshops & Summer Learning Activities:

  • Assisted in the development of online Parent Workshops.
  • These Parent Workshops were led by Reagan Price (4th grade teacher) and covered such topics as study habits, organizational skills, test anxiety and using technology that supports learning at home.
  • Available for all JME parents!
  • In addition, the SIC aided Mrs. Price in developing a list of fun summer learning activities.
  • Students can earn prizes to help keep them motivated to use these resources over the summer!