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L2 -- Library for All

L2 (L Squared) is a partnership with CCPL and CCSD that gives every CCSD student full access to library resources beginning on September 29, 2020.  (See flyer)

Q: How does a student use L2? 

  A:  Starting on 9/29/20, students can access CCPL’s digital materials through Sora in Clever.  They can toggle between CCSD’s digital library and CCPL’s digital library.  The students simply use their CCSD username as their library account number and the last four digits of their student ID number as their account pin/password- example John Doe= doejoh1234. They can use this account number just like a regular library card, giving them full access to all available CCPL resources and services (e.g. checking out materials, using online research databases, downloading eBooks and audiobooks, etc.)  

Q: Is there a physical library card for the students? 

A:No, the L2 program does not utilize a physical library card. The students use their account and pin numbers as mentioned above to access library services and resources.  


Q: Do students have to sign up or register to join the program? 

A:No. All students are automatically registered for L2.  No action is needed on the part of the student or parent.    


Q: Will students enrolled in the district’s Virtual Academy receive an L Squared account?  

A:  Yes, virtual academy and charter school students will be enrolled.


Q: Do the L2 accounts provide the students permission to use the internet at our library branches?  

A:. No.  All L Squared accounts will be need to have signed permission to access the internet on library computers at all library locations. Parents may allow this by contacting or visiting a local CCPL branch.


Q: What if a student/L Squared user also has a regular library account that has internet access granted due to a submitted and signed Internet Acceptable Use Agreement?  

A: Students with existing regular library accounts who had previously submitted completed Internet Acceptable Use Agreements signed by their parent/guardians to the public library can have that access transferred to their new L Squared account by speaking to a library staff member at any branch. 


Q: How is CCPL receiving data/information on students to register them for the program? Is the data protected? 

A:   CCSD and CCPL have a legal Memorandum of Understanding.  CCSD will share student data with CCPL every other week. This data will be transferred via encrypted file.  Both entities are completely committed to protecting student privacy


Q: Can a student change the PIN on their L Squared account? 

A:  No.  Staff should tell students not to change their PINs. If a student does change the PIN, it will be reset back to the last four digits of the Student ID number when the next file update is received from CCSD (every other week).   



Q: Do L2 accounts expire? 

A:The student accounts are valid as long as the child is an active CCSD student. Once the student graduates, or if they move out of the district, their account will expire. 


Q: Will students be charged late fees or other fines? 

A: L2 accounts are fine-free. Students will not be fined for returning books, DVDs and other materials late (but, still try to return items on time so others can use them). Lost item fees will still apply if the item is not returned after 60 days. However, the lost item fee will not be referred to Collections if the fee is unpaid. Multiple lost items could result in the revoking or suspension of their account.   


Q:  Are students or parents allowed to add proxy users to L2  accounts? 

A: No.  Benefits of L Squared accounts are meant for the student only and should not be used by others.   


Q: Will there be training for students on how to use L2? 

A:  CCSD teacher librarians are sharing Sora and the connection to CCPL with students.   CCPL staff will be sharing information about what is available and how to access other resources at branches.  Sora and CCPL’s online libraries are both operated by OverDrive, so students will navigate both platforms in the same way.