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"Grow with Mo" 1st grade book club is growing readers!

First grade students at Jane Edwards Elementary took part in a "Grow with Mo" book club during the month of October.  Their challenge?  To read as many Mo Willems books as possible.  Once they read a book, they got to sign their names on a poster beside the book that they read.  There were 32 books for them to choose from, and students were able to sign their name by most of the books that were on the poster.  Mo Willems is the author of the well-known and well-loved Elephant and Piggie series and Pigeon series.  The majority of his books are geared toward beginning readers.  During book club time, students listened to his books being read, made crafts, and talked about overarching themes in Willems' books--friendship and kindness.  


1st grade students standing beside "Grow with Mo" poster.